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Matt Johnson, the Director of the South Coast Institute of Technology said, “this is a fantastic opportunity for our education partners to work collaboratively with employers to provide clear career pathways into the industries where we know there are gaps. The Maritime, Engineering and Digital industries are some of the biggest, diverse, most exciting, and fastest growing sectors in our region with 10s of 1000s of job vacancies for talented people. Our high-quality training, industry-expert teachers, real-world curriculum and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities will help local people to live, study and work locally to realise their potential.”

Cyber Security Engineer

As technology continues to advance and interconnect our lives, the demand for skilled Cyber Security Engineers has never been greater.

Systems Analyst

Test software, hardware and IT procedures. Then design and develop solutions that meet the needs of a company.

Software Developer

From crafting intricate lines of code to collaborating with teams, transform abstract concepts into functional software solutions.

Network Engineer

Design, build, and maintain physical hardware and virtual IT communication systems to enable businesses to connect and flourish.

Data Engineer

Build and maintaining databases and data pipelines that harvest, manage and organise data.

Data Scientist

Analyse and interpret data to find insights and patterns to drive strategic decision-making, develop innovative solutions and solve complex problems.

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